Technogym Run Forma Treadmill

The Technogym Run Forma Treadmill is a professional quality treadmill that simulates road running, whilst protecting you from the risk of injury. The Technogym Run Forma Treadmill is designed with comfort in mind. It features a shock absorption system that provides maximum safety for your joints, preventing the trauma associated with road running.

Great workouts are easy with a telemetric heart rate monitor this is linked to a variety of great programmable workouts, allowing you to maintain or improve your cardiovascular system. What's more the new Forma range comes with a tablet or iPad/iPhone holder so you can keep yourself entertained whilst working out. This great home workout machine is recommended for slimming and weight control, improving the cardiovascular system, and strengthening and toning the lower body.

Technogym Run Forma Treadmill

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Technogym Run Forma Treadmill

The Run Forma Treadmill from Technogym helps you achieve your goals from the comfort of your own home. This treadmill has been designed to make running more enjoyable and fun and is as reliable and safe as a running machine you will find at a gym. What's more the Entertainment Support system means you can train whilst looking at your ipad or tablet.


When working out on the Run Forma you are performing the movements for an effective cardio workout. Running and walking are useful for losing weight, toning and strengthening the muscles and joints. With the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) system and heart rate strap supplied with the equipment you can achieve all your workout goals and be sure you are training safely. Working out based on your heart rate means you can train within your capabilities and the machine will adjust the speed and gradient to your heart rate.

Equipment Characteristics

Entertainment support -  Run whilst listening to music or watching a film by using the innovative mounting system to hold your tablet or smartphone during your workouts. It enables you to place your tablet vertically or horizontally on the treadmill display.

Quiet operation - the Run Forma has been made quieter so it is ideal for home environments.

Lower running surface - The deck of the running machine is closer to the ground to make the treadmill more stable and macke access onto even easier for those with limited mobility.

Real running experience - It has been designed to make the running actions of putting your foot down and moving upwards, more pleasant. The deck will feel like you are running on grass with a damping that is reactive without being too stiff.

New display - The new recline display is easy on the eye and extremely easy to use. The main functions are all grouped together in the bottom part of the display.

When you buy a Run Forma you will also receive;

  • A Quick Guide with information on how to use the product along with safety information
  • A USB pen containing the user manuals in PDF format for all the machines in the line
  • Training programmes to help you reach your goals divided into three different levels of difficulty.